Digital Tuning

Digital Tuning

Take 5 mins with us and we will introduce you to our concept of coherence . . .

Coherence as an individual and at work is experienced as a feel-good factor and being in the flow zone. On a physiological level it only comes about when you can activate your PNS (Parasympathetic Nervous System). Our new Contract Digital Marketing Manager also specialises in this type of ‘tuning in’ – he supports individuals and teams to increase their Optimum Arousal Zone – this means achieving more with greater ease . . .

Optimal Arousal Zone

Over the next few weeks the staff at Armstrong Building and Maintenance will be experiencing more focused effort on togetherness. This togetherness of thoughts, emotions and physical actions will be for their common cause. When an individual and a team harmonises all these factors, it not only makes you feel better it puts you in the ‘flow zone’.

The Flow Zone is where you don’t have to think about what is best for you or the company – you instinctively know and just do it ‘you flow with positivity and function at your best with ease’.

Such cohesion was recently witnessed at one of our Thursday Team Briefings – but this is only the start.

What we will be doing will activate the happy hormones – lol

parasympathetic hormones

Armstrong’s team will be experiencing a whole range of digital technology to further monitor, entrain and enhance their ‘parasympathetic nervous system’ – this includes PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy), HRV (Heart Rate Variability) retuning and SSP (acoustically altered frequencies embedded into music). WOW – the lengths that some people will go to on their mission to raise ‘coherence’!

When your business is expanding and customer service is a high priority, staff have to work under intense pressure. They work better when they are calm and in control. All the technology mentioned above allows individuals to be more mentally agile, it improves memory and alertness and provides more energy to all the cells in your body. It provides a cellular workout – cellular exercise for the brain and body.

Digital Services have a whole new meaning at Armstrong with Be Super Ltd.