Business Coherence

Armstrong Building & Maintenance Team

Marcus Pearson (the new LinkedIn Manager for Armstrong’s) – witnessed “Coherence”

After attending his first Team Briefing at Armstrong Building & Maintenance – and one word summed up what Marcus experienced – Coherence!

John Stott, the M.D. led with a calm and assured magnificence. Head of Operations Mark Knowles was knowledgeable, wise and accommodating. Project Managers Curtis and Dan were clear and confident, whilst Dave, Michelle and Tracy pulled all the loose ends together in a tidy bow.

Marcus was humbled by their unity and desire to help one another achieve common goals.
The company have prospered during covid-19 and are expanding on a bedrock of outstanding customer service and employee appreciation.

Marcus stated he was delighted to be a new addition to the team – albeit a small contribution in promoting their services – but rest assured, he has been inspired and will seek to resonate further.